Monday, November 18, 2013

Swedish group "The Knife" on women, gyms and music

A music-video which shows a girl fully-clothed leading a group of male dancers through a gym? Yes, you need to see this. It's the latest tune from Swedish group 'The Knife" - if you haven't had the pleasure of a live gig, this video is a great taster.

The video for 'A Tooth for an Eye' won Best Scandinavian Music Video at awards in Norway this month. And it's become a cult favourite abroad, especially among those of us who prefer female singers and dancers fully clothed. This latest post on DummyMag gives a list of ten videos hitting that crazy criteria.

I saw The Knife when they played an Irish festival 'Electric Picnic' in September - a mind-blowing experience. Translated Lyrics on The Knife website  


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