Friday, December 13, 2013

The Red Bulletin covers women in sport ... again

An actual athlete!
I haven't chucked 'The Red Bulletin' straight into the bin two months in a row, is this a record?

Cover story is skier Lindsay Vonn and inside you've got football goalie Emma Byrne - two pages - and sprinter Jodie Williams - five pages. 

Great photos of all three women and really solid articles. What's happening to this bastion of male sport? *tongue in cheek btw for anyone reading this early in the morning* 

If you're in Ireland, you can find the mag tucked inside today's Irish Times. And if not, some articles are online at Red Bulletin Magazine Ireland.

It's great to see Emma Byrne still getting attention, the most successful Irish female player, and even named Players' Player of the Year for both men and women in Arsenal where she keeps goal.

And while in one sense it shouldn't take a female journalist to highlight women in sport, I can't help feeling this Editor/writer below - Ruth Morgan -has a lot to do with the changes. 

There has been the odd article on women here and there, but these last two issues really ramped it up. 

Why am I giving this mag so much brain-space? 

Simples - it's one of the few more mainstream mags covering the sports I love and they have mostly ignored women like me and you.

That's a complaint I could spill over into most print media to be fair but as RB positions itself as the alternative sports leader, you expect them to offer a genuine alternative. 

What are your thoughts?

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