Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Women in Sport blogs and websites

Time again for a round-up of some great blogs and websites promoting women in sport: 

PIC: Re Wikstrom - from her Tumblr. (Click photo to go there)

Getting ready for the Winter Olympics in February next year? This snowboarding mag will keep you updated on who to watch for and what it's all about. Great video went up recently on British snowboarder Aimee Fuller (who Ireland are sort of claiming as she spent time in Northern Ireland as a child) 

Irish Olympian Michelle Carey was diagnosed with Coeliac Disease in 2011 - having already been running for years! Her blog has recipes and other info based on her own experiences.

This site hasn't been updated since last year but the links still work. It's packed with info on resources, DVDs and equipment for pretty much any outdoors sport you care to try. 

And if you're looking for a cause to get behind before the next Summer Olympics - Canadian Pam Boteler and her fellow women canoeists are still fighting to get into the Games. (Slalom)

You have to smile when you read the 'About' on this American blog - "When I started Brave Ski Mom in the late summer of July 2010, my goal was to occupy my mind, and fill my days. My youngest was headed to middle school and was done with me showing up at school to volunteer. I was staring into the void. Without young children at home what would I do? So I turned to something I love more than anything except my family: skiing."

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