Friday, January 31, 2014

Ireland takes record points win in RSB 6Nations

PIC: Found on IRFU here

Ireland 59 Scotland 0 in the first RSB 6Nations game of the year this evening. Delighted to see the Irish team in such flying form ... although part of me feels bad for Scotland. A total drubbing is never fun. 

Seems like the only flaw was for people watching online. A few irritated comments like this one from ScrumQueens: 

Impressive win - Ireland get better & better. Dominated every aspect of game. Only thing need to work on is damn feed!

But this photo on Eileesh Buckley's Twitter feed @eileeshb made me smile;  captioned as smoke from the burger stand.

Brought up a few memories of chilly nights at the pitch in Ashbourne, in Meath - freezing cold and dying for something hot to eat. 

But being a veggie, I had to settle for a sandwich from the supermarket up the road, not quite the same.


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