Friday, February 7, 2014

Death of Lucy Stack, when nothing takes away the pain

PIC found on Irish Mirror
When we do sport, we feel free, we feel there is nothing bad in the world. But sometimes there is just nothing to take away the pain.

This week a much-loved Irish racehorse breeder, Lucy Stack took her own life. Just 28, she and her husband Fozzy Stack were well-known around the racing circuit, but it seems what the rest of us didn't know is how much Lucy struggled with depression. 

This is the letter she left, reproduced in many newspapers today having been read out at her funeral. We can only imagine the pain and loss felt by those who knew her well: 

"To my great friends, thank you for the fun times, the laughing, dancing and giggles. I've been so blessed with the friends I've had. You're a very special bunch and I need you to know that what has happened is no reflection of how you were as my friend.

No call could have changed this. No chats over wine.
Sadly, this is just my fate. I know it is selfish and cowardly but for me it is my only option. I can't face this world any longer. I'm just not strong enough. Too much has happened. 

One last request for you all  - please be there for mum, Jesse, Nick and Fozzy. They need you now more than ever. Tell them stories of our time together. Make them laugh and please let my memory be one of happiness and laughter.

Do not remember me for the sadness and the way things ended. Think of the good times, I know I will. Please continue to be the close-knit gang that you are. I pray each and every one of you have a happy life. I'm glad I got to share some great days with you all. 

Friends forever, Lucy"


Anonymous said...

Oh my God, this tragedy would shake anyone to the core.On paper, I struggle to comprehend why this was her only option. But having been in a similar mindset at the same age, I now reflect back and know now, that the world is bigger thsn the place you are in at that moment. I hope this tragedy is not in vain and people in a similar headspace take action.I did and am now happily married with a beautiful son. Tansey

Brid O Donnell said...

This is so tragic. RIP. It shows that depression can affect all echelons of society.

Niamh said...

It is hard to understand, but no-one can know what is in someone else's head, we can only try to be there and hope that it's enough.

Anonymous said...

Having just watched the Programme about Cecelia Aherns husband, I noted Lucy's death commemorated at the end! So sorry for her famy & for Fozzy. Heartbreaking!! My husband suffers from anxiety & depression so I know how difficult it can be. Much love & respect to Lucy's family & friends, and to Fozzy. Its so sad... x

Inspiring Sports Women said...

Death like that is a tragedy that never ends for families. All we can do is be there for people in their troubles as I'm sure you are for your husband.