Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Camille le Page and what her photos told us
Camille le Page RIP pic Twitter profile
So here we are again commemorating a brave, inspiring woman who took photographs which told us stories of women in far away places.

French photographer Camille le Page was killed this week while working in the Central African Republic. She was 26. I've followed her on Twitter and other online forums since she moved to Sudan in 2012. She always had a fresh eye, and her pictures haunted me for days and weeks after seeing them. 

This link to a project on her website titled: 'We call it fashion' is maybe off-topic to sports, but definitely on-message for women celebrating themselves.

Look at the joy and glee she's captured there on the faces of those Sudanese women. It could be anywhere in some ways, that universal thing which can bring women together no matter where we are. 

I never met le Page in person, but in that strange way of social media I feel as though I did. Her photographs, which appeared in the Guardian, the Washington Post, on BBC and so many more, stand testament now to her love of Sudan, and neighbouring countries. 


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