Sunday, August 24, 2014

Afghan Cycles - Women's National Cycling Team of Afghanistan

This short film called "Afghan Cycles' tells the inspring story of a group of women in Kabul, Afghanistan who cycle and race their bikes in spite of so many challenges. 

Best quote? "Biking with fear and trembling doesn't work. When getting on a bike one must throw those feelings to the wind, and not hold that feeling in their hands."

Afghan Cycles Trailer from LET MEDIA on Vimeo.

UPDATE February 2015: 

The BBC caught up these women this week, naming them 'the world's most unlikely cycling team'. It's a disturbing look at the challenges they face in trying to compete in sport while living in a country which strongly discourages that very thing. 

In a country whose image is still dominated by the burka-clad women, the idea of lyrcra-clad  women pedalling along the streets is confrontational. Assistant cycling coach Miriam Marjan told the BBC: 

 "If it's not their father trying to stop them, it's a brother or uncle. There is always somebody they have to convince."
But still they cycle and get out there on their bikes.

And if you're looking for still more about these inspiring sports women, the producer of the film above Shannon Galpin wrote a powerful piece for

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