Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Bodypaint shocker Down Under with Women's Health

Regular readers will know I often bemoan the lack of an Irish or British magazine as good as the Australian editon of Women's Health

So you might understand how taken-aback I was to read WH had semi-naked bodypainted models parading around at the 'I support women in sport awards' in Sydney.  Yes, all women. Why, why, why WH ? 

Well, the Sydney Morning Herald asked the magazine's editor and this was her reply: 

'It is disappointing that this has become the focus rather than the phenomenal sporting talents of our Australian female athletes', Felicity Harley said. 

How can she be surprised this became the focus when her whole magazine is about celebrating women as athlethes and sports-fans rather than as sexualised bodies? I understand that glamour sells, but this red carpet was already packed with lots of glamour - the women being honoured. 

It might sound superficial but female athlethes do tend to look good, all that professional elite level sport doesn't usually produce body shapes which look  bad in a fancy dress. So considering the event was going to get lots of photo-coverage anyway, was this really neccessary? 

How bad was it? This bad: 

Pic via DailyLife.com.au

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