Friday, October 24, 2014

Do you wear makeup doing sport?

MuayThai angels Thai boxing makeup Kelly Creegan
MuayThai fighter Kelly Creegan made up for a promo MuayThai Angels and fighting au naturel

Do you wear makeup when doing sport? Hmm, this is a bigger question than it might seem.

No matter how hardcore you are, everyone wants to look good in those Winner Winner shots. And while a few years ago you would have  had a few minutes to scape the sweaty hair back and declog your eyes, now it's instant so what's a girl to do? 

Irish fighter Kelly Creegan is facing this problem on a grand scale in Bangkok now. She's taking part in the 'Muaythai Angels' series which is an all-women show with heavy glam emphasis. 

I posted about the MuayThai Angels here before. But for a real in-the-middle-of-it look at the series, read Creegan's latest post on her blog 'It's Pandemonium'.

She writes: "(my friends) were adamanent that the girls all wore makeup at the last show, so freaking out i go and scroll through the photos of the Muay Thai Angels event and there ya go black smudges under the girls eyes after the fights" 

The post follows her thought process as she works out how mascara and fighting go hand in hand in Thai eyes.

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