Sunday, December 21, 2014

FIghters in the ring, friends after

PIC via FB

This is what it looks like when fighters hang out after kicking each other about the ring for a few rounds. On the left is Israeli fighter Adi Rotem who beat Ferial 'Felix' Ameeroeiden in Dublin at the latest Enfusion bouts. 

As always it was a pleasure to see two skilled and talented women fighters kicking ass - and stunning some of the crowd. There's always someone who has never seen female fighters before, and sits there with that 'yeah, whatever' face soon to be changed.  

Lots of great photos by David Fogarty on Rotem's FB page from that night. 

And here's the two of them in a line-up from Enfusion Thailand last September - fighters from around the world were invited for a knock-out contest. Click on the picture for more images.

Ameeroeiden leans aginst the tree, Rotem is 2nd from right


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