Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Vote for IWGA Athlete of the Year 2014

Another chance to recognise your favouite sports stars comes this month via the International World Games Association's Athlete of the Year contest.

Nominations are chosen from the monthly winners in 2014. Pleased to see female stars well-represented. They are Sara Lopez from Columbia for Archery, Paolo Longoria from Mexico for Racquetball, the German women's team for Canoe Polo, Italian Khrystyna Moshenska as part of a duo for Dancesport.

And Valentina Shevchenko now of Peru (formerly Kyrgyzstan)  for MuayThai.

I'm a little biased obviously towards my own sport of MuayThai but you can vote for any of the athletes here on the IWGA website.

This is Shevchenko in action from the video to promote her winning Athlete of the Month in May.


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