Friday, March 13, 2015

Crowdfunding for "Boxing Chicks" featuring Terri Moss

PIC via Boxing Chicks film
When Terri "the Boss" Moss hits the screen from the middle of a boxing ring in the trailer for "Boxing Chicks" there's no doubting the size of her personality. The next inductee into the Women's Boxing Hall of Fame, she's another fighter I want to know more about.

This latest doco to feature women's boxing is partially the story of how Moss became strawweight world champion having started boxing at the age of 34. Oh, and she had Hep C at the time too. But it's also about how she turned that often-fleeting success into a career as a professional boxing coach.

Director fR3deR1ck Taylor told me: 'I first heard about Terri through the Atlanta film scene. She was pitched to me as a great idea for a film. I am also a big fan of boxing and have been trained by women in the past.

'The team was drawn to the story because Terri is a fighter who never quits at life. This type of story is what Tomorrow Pictures is all about.'

Tomorrow Pictures editor Joe Warner sent me the trailer, and said: 'I was also drawn in by the women she (Moss) trains.  They all come from different backgrounds and had to overcome their own obstacles, but somehow they have all come together under this common interest.  There are so many male boxers that have become household names, even if you aren't a fan of boxing, but that's not the case with female boxing.'

That's so true. I often bang on about the "invisibility bug" that seems to hit women athletes, but doesn't affect men in the same way. So very exciting to see another powerful film on the way.

There's one hitch though - they need money to get the final edit done. So if you're feeling the love after you watch this trailer, then click to 'Boxing Chicks' on Kickstarter.


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