Monday, August 24, 2015

Fun weekend of women's sports

Dun Laoghaire Harbour Swim via Leinster Open Swimming FB
Fans of women's sport had too much to choose from in Dublin weekend -  harbour swimming, rugby 7s, camogie, MuayThai and lots more all hitting the headlines.

I saw a great women's fight on Saturday night, pictures to come for this week's Wordless Wednesday. And Lorna Farren who wrote this guest-post on open-water swimming drew my attention these pics of to hundreds of people diving into the freezing harbour waters in Dun Laoghaire yesterday afternoon. And as you can see, most of them didn't even take the wetsuit option. More pics here.

Rugby fans had an treat with two days of Sevens.  In spite of working I saw bits online, quite exciting that it was streamed online live. And of course you can catch up via Twitter - @ScrumQueens of course had the best analysis with the @Action81 account doing well also. 

I'm posting this from the wilds of County Kerry - and really getting to see why people complain so much about internet access in Ireland. For a country that's supposed to be so high-tech and at the centre of the Tech Bubble a little bit more speed  outside the main cities would definitely not go astray. Giving up on shifting photos from my phone onto this, they will have to wait for another post!

We're heading out windsurfing later, well still very much on the learning curve but that's part of the fun (for people watching me at least!).


you-wee because said...

Only the strong survive.

Why should somebody choose "harbour or open-water swimming" as his or hers favourite sport??? Sometimes this planet is really a strange place... ;-)

No harm meant!

Enjoy an inspiring and sporting new week, Niamh!

real girl sport said...

@Uwe - you should try it sometime :) I only dabble in the water, but it's so refreshing, they're not swimming in the main shipping lanes so the water is pretty clear.