Monday, August 31, 2015

Meeting women in windsurfing

When you’ve done one sport for years, it can be hard to throw all of that comfort away and take on a new one. 

But just to keep things interesting, I started windsurfing in May. It’s so different to MuayThai but does share the coordination-of-every-limb-thing. Plus I’m grateful for all the core workouts I’ve ever done.  

Also sadly windsurfing seems to share the man-woman imbalance. So I was quite excited on my last day out to meet Ding, an English woman working in The Maharees with Jamie Knox Watersports. I paid for my lesson so don’t worry these are my unvarnished thoughts. 

When I’m out on the water I think about women like Dr Katie McAnena (Ire). The reality is a bit different …. think waddling rather than running. 

But the great thing about having come to terms with one sport is the confidence it gives you for other sports. And the patience – it’s going to take a lot of time and effort but at least I know it can be done. 

Ding had four beginners to deal with including a young boy on his very first outing. The bay was crowded with more experienced windsurfers, kayakers and …. a giant floating bouncy-castle with heaps of kids jumping on and off it.  They got great entertainment watching me try to swing the board around, and as they were there swearing was out as a stress-reliever! 

With Hannah, another windsurfing novice on the Maharees Penninsula
Somehow she got us all going, coped with me mixing up techniques I’ve picked up from going to different windsurfing schools over the summer and she kept smiling all the way through. She did head out on her own board as soon as we were done so I’m thinking that’s how she keeps her sanity … 

How do you find learning new sports?

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