Sunday, September 6, 2015

STICKY POST: September Clean Up

It's funny how September is really the start of the year in the northern hemisphere. We started school on that date for so many years that new beginings seem more natural than any other time of year even January.

And so it's time for some changes around here. I've posted before about self-hosting and redecorating but it's really time now. This lovely blog is five years old this summer and needs a bit of an over-haul.

Nothing too fancy and hopefully nothing that will cause you to lose your bookmarks or links. 

I'm working on a new template (with lots of help from online forums and other bloggers) and even considering a new name - what do you think about that? 

I'd love to hear about you like about this Inspiring Sports Women blog, what you'd like to see more or - or if anything annoys you shout out now and let me know!

Let the shiny adventures begin ...

UPDATE - decision for a new blog name made since this post was originally put up on Saturday. The big switch-over will take place this week. I'll be checking in to make sure links etc stay valid. 


Sarah said...

That's fantastic! Good luck!

I think my favorite part of this blog are pictures, and stories about/from the women you write about! I'm also happy to have a place to learn about all kinds of sport (other than my focus in martial arts). I also enjoy the writing you do. Okay, I like it all. <3

real girl sport said...

@ Sarach - aww, thanks for the kind words! I love the stories best myself so definitely going to be growing that part. And keeping the Wordless Wednesday. Just updated :)