Friday, October 30, 2015

Age no limit for women in boxing and running

Pauline Curley Dublin Marathon Christina McMahon Alicia Slick Ashely WBC New York
Top: Pauline Curley INPHO         Bottom: WBC Superbantamweight via Alicia's Twitter
What a week for older women in sport; the fastest Irishwoman at the Dublin marathon was 46, and last night two women in their 40s battled for a WBC world title. This week's video is dedicated to them.

Some inspiration for anyone feeling the pinch from a cold winter, if they can do why can't you?

Pauline Curley crossed the marathon finsh line at 2.49:29 not long behind the women's winner from Ukraine Natalyia Lehonkova at 2.31. I'm hoping to talk to her on this blog soon, and bring you some tips.

Jamaican Alicia "Slick" Ashley entered the record books taking the WBC Super-bantamweight world title in New York aged 48 last night. Her opponenet from Monaghan here in Ireland was Christina McMahon (40) whose last outing was winning the WBC Interim belt at bantamweight against a much younger Zambian opponent.

I'm a big fan of Christina's but the night definitely belonged to Alicia. This video below was shot earlier at the famous Gleason's Gym in New York.  She's talking about moving from dancing to boxing, and why she still has the passion. 

Best part for me was when she leans her leg up against the top of the ring-pole, saying: "I tend to be a boxer, not a brawler in the ring, that's why they call me Slick".

(Photos and video from last night's fight on @Girlboxingnow Twitter. )

Alicia "slick" Ashley from haimy assefa on Vimeo.


Sarah said...

I love this post! One of my main motivating factors for training hard was a similar discovery - that a woman in her 40s had placed in the top 3 females at a race I wanted to run. I want to be her in a few years, and love that I don't feel hindered by my age.

real girl sport said...

@ Sarah - Good for you! It's funny I went through a stage of feeling like I was past doing competitive sport, but then you realise it's all relative and off you go again :) I definitely want to be still moving and doing things no matter what age I reach ...

Anonymous said...

Wow! So inspirational!!! Love this!


real girl sport said...

@ Laura - thanks for dropping by Laura. They are inspirational, we forget sometimes that being fit can last so much longer than your 20s! Love the approach on your blog too.