Monday, November 9, 2015

MuayThai and boxing training in London with Simone Harvey

I first heard about the woman in today’s post through Lisa at boxing blog The Glowing Edge. Then director Garreth Carter got in touch, and he connected me with his sister who also trains with this inspiring coach.

And really you all need to meet former MuayThai fighter, personal trainer and coach Londoner Simone Harvey.

I loved Simone’s intro to Garreth's short, so honest. She’s standing there, grinning like butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth and says she discovered fighting at 16. ‘Yeah, going out at night, having a little fight. Going to nightclubs, having a little fight, making a bad name for myself. That’s when the police came to the door, and that’s when I chose …’

Simone Harvey, Coppa-Doc from Garreth Carter on Vimeo.

One of her students Kathleen Carter is a self-confessed boxing addict. She told me: “It’s a stress reliever and counteracts all the other crap that goes with living in a big city. I've found it's the perfect way to 'empty mind'. I originally did taekwondo then found boxing, and specifically personal training with Simone.”

When I asked if she’s ever fought, she said: “I would love to get more time and train to do one day. Let's face it when there's someone facing you in a ring looking at every way to catch you with a left hook there's no way you can think about anything like your work, laundry, rent or any other worries!”
Too right, mindfulness comes in many forms.

We talked about the difference between training with a regular personal trainer, and with a former boxer. Kathleen said: “Simone inspires women from all walks of life, she makes everyone feel at home boxing.

“I've watched formerly nervy people really come into their own and relish pounding the pads. Women love learning how to get the punching technique correct and since Simone was a Thai Boxing champ she has the kudos, and she takes time to teach people proper punching techniques. I’m sure as a Thai boxer you'll agree they know how to make some damage!”

Ehm, yes. We certainly do, and even if you never fight knowing how to use that power is so much fun, it’s empowering. And with Simone’s warm-up being a full-on boxing pyramid of burpees, star jumps and press-ups, women get a real taste of fitness. 

I haven’t trained with Simone, but when students make a Coach of the Year video nomination for London Sport, you know something good is going on. Worth watching this short clip to the end …

Simone Harvey - Mind Over Matter from Kathleen Carter on Vimeo.


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