Friday, November 6, 2015

Your thoughts on Badass female fighters in films?

I was writing about Kung Fu for work this week, which of course sent me looking for Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon for research.

That came out in 2000 when I was still actively fighting in MuayThai. I still remember the excitement of seeing the fight scenes when Michelle Yeoh took on Zhang Ziyi. It was one of the first movies to gave actresses a central fighting role.

That film one of the reasons why I still have a hankering to learn fencing or some sword skills. You’ll be hearing more about my Kung Fu adventure, but I’ve also been reading about Filipino Escrima/ Arnis fighting at The Stick Chick blog if you’re tempted by this clip.

While I was poking around for the best clip to show you, I also found this montage below. Now this is a lot more violent as it features action women characters from a range of films including Hanna and Alien as well as martial arts movies.

It was interesting to me that I noticed how violent it is. I probably see fictional male characters shooting people most days, even flicking channels when the news gets too grim usually brings up male policemen or soldiers doing unspeakable things.

And similarly in the real world people expect the Kurdish Peshmerga to fight against Islamic State, but when female soldiers join them it becomes headline news. Military services like that in the UK army or Israel's IDF where women play an active role are constantly examining this.

I’d love to know how you feel watching this –  Inspired? Uncomfortable? Interested? Proud? Something else??

Action Women Movie Montage from ClaraDarko on Vimeo.


Melissa Ray said...

Indifferent to the action movie montage but I LOVE the Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon clip, and it totally made me want to take up sword fighting too. I did try fencing many moons ago; actually quite dull.

real girl sport said...

@Melissa Ray - It's a great clip, I'd forgotten how much FUN that film is, and how exciting it is to see two women just going at it for fighting without any James-Bond type in the shadows to rescue them :) Was fencing dull, really? Oh, well I can take that off the list - hard to top a real fight!

Anonymous said...

Love it! J. Lo in Enough is my favorite though!


real girl sport said...

@Laura - ooh, I haven't seen that one, just watched a clip from her training sessions, I'll have to find it on Netflix! Thanks :)