Friday, August 5, 2016

Boxing in a fairy-tale castle

Castle St Tropez Muay thai boxing women in sport Chomanee Thailand

So every now and then I have to sit back and really appreciate how far women's fighting has come. And this moment came via that incredible castle you see above  - where a women's Muaythai title fight took place last night.

St Tropez in France is more known for a more different kind of glamour (yes, I think fighting is glamorous - get over it) but they've build a great annual event which this year showcased female strength at its best.

It was Brazil vs Thailand - Chommanee Sor Taehiran taking on Tania Duarte in what looks like a blistering fight. 

This event is a highlight on the French fight scene so first of all that they included women, and second that they went for a title bout even though neither women are French is interesting. 

And the final part which made me really smile is what Chomanee is wearing. Bright and colourful sports-bra with matching projouds on her arms  - let's be girly and kick ass!

Tania Duarte Chomanee Thailand Brazil France St Tropez muay thai boxing
PIC via Fight Night St Tropez fb

So I know it's just one event among many fightcards which are all-male  - Kunlun looking at you - but we'll take every small step we can! 

Seen any changes lately you'd like to share?

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