Monday, November 14, 2016

Get Real Girl dolls on Kickstarter

Dolls via

Every now and then I google this blog to see who else is talking about it. Risky maybe but the last search brought up the Get Real Girl action figures.

Set up by Shona Gupta, she says: 'The dolls I played with during my childhood years didn’t look like me. Of course, they had roles - princess, flight attendant, rockstar - and they always dressed impeccably well.

'Looking back, I wish that there was a doll that would have sparked dreams of adventure and action, dreams that would help me see and feel like my real self. '

I think it's the knees got me - bendable flexible legs for kicking footballs and running. Nice. 

She's on Kickstarter with just over half the funding raised already, you can get involved on Kickstarter at Get real girl action figures  


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