Friday, April 20, 2012

Surfing really is a man's game in Gaza

Today's issue of The Red Bulletin has incredible photographs from Irish photographer Andrew McConnell's time with the surfers in Gaza.

But one shot is different. Two young girls float happily on boards, while the caption reads: "Sabah Abo Ghanem and Kholoud Abo Ghanem, Gaza's only female surfers. The girls ... will have to stop when they reach puberty as their older sisters did before them. Surfing is not considered an acceptable pastime for women."  This Guardian video interviews the same girls.


Anonymous said...

Great video. Terribly sad for the older sister watching her younger sister surfing.

niamh said...

@Anonymous - yes, that really brings it home. Would be horrible living right there, nowhere to go except the water but wait you can't. As if life there isn't bleak enough

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