There is so much information out there about men who play sport, and it really annoys me that finding women to inspire us can be so hard! 

When I'm out and about watching sport or doing it, I'm always on the lookout for someone doing something special.  

Which sports?

Mostly individual sports 'cause that's my background. That means MuayThai, and lots of martial arts including MMA , karate and kickboxing

I love the water so you'll find windsurfing, surfing and kayaking plus swimming (yeah, it's freezing in the Irish sea but we do it anyway).

But I love rugby so even though I've never played we're celebrating the women who do that and the Irish national games of GAA.  

Is that all?

Every now and then I meet someone or you tell me about someone that just has to be in here. That's how I'm learning about American football / Gridiron, Snow sports, Aussie Rules, Triathlon and even slacklining

How do I pick 'em? 

That's how I do it - she's gotta be going for it, training hard, competing for something more than a mark on the weighing-scales and having fun with sports. Probably tough but doesn't even realist it. She's someone who gives her all whether it's for the Olympics or her local gym. 

It's a growing list - and if you think you should be on it, get in touch :)  



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