Friday, October 31, 2014

Highlights from UFC: Aisling Daly vs Angela Magana

Update to my earlier post on TUF battle between  Aisling Daly and Angela Magana.

Highlights now online at the UFC YouTube channel. Commentary includes: "Conditioning is definitely a weapon in this game".


Thursday, October 30, 2014

TUF getting closer to crowning a women's champion

Irish MMA fighter Aisling Daly took on American Angela Magana in the latest bout in The Ultimate Fighter last night. 

Daly was under a lot of pressure to deliver as she's less well known in the States than the other compeditors. She's publicly admitted she puts herself under more pressure than anyone else and has struggled with anxiety. Although Daly has also wryly commented on the effect of the dry Nevada heat compared to her home in Dublin (yes, it does rain that much here).

But she lived up to her promise, taking the win in the 3rd round. The Bleacher Report described it as:"a surprisingly strong performance".

That fight went out on Fox Sport which unfortunately I don't have access to - there's a limit to how many channels you can pile on to your bill before it gets ridiculous. 

The video doesn't seem to be available online yet, no doubt waiting till the full season is done. There are however some great photos here on TUF channel; a story in pictures if you like.  


Friday, October 24, 2014

Do you wear makeup doing sport?

MuayThai angels Thai boxing makeup Kelly Creegan
MuayThai fighter Kelly Creegan made up for a promo MuayThai Angels and fighting au naturel

Do you wear makeup when doing sport? Hmm, this is a bigger question than it might seem.

No matter how hardcore you are, everyone wants to look good in those Winner Winner shots. And while a few years ago you would have  had a few minutes to scape the sweaty hair back and declog your eyes, now it's instant so what's a girl to do? 

Irish fighter Kelly Creegan is facing this problem on a grand scale in Bangkok now. She's taking part in the 'Muaythai Angels' series which is an all-women show with heavy glam emphasis. 

I posted about the MuayThai Angels here before. But for a real in-the-middle-of-it look at the series, read Creegan's latest post on her blog 'It's Pandemonium'.

She writes: "(my friends) were adamanent that the girls all wore makeup at the last show, so freaking out i go and scroll through the photos of the Muay Thai Angels event and there ya go black smudges under the girls eyes after the fights" 

The post follows her thought process as she works out how mascara and fighting go hand in hand in Thai eyes.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Bodypaint shocker Down Under with Women's Health

Regular readers will know I often bemoan the lack of an Irish or British magazine as good as the Australian editon of Women's Health

So you might understand how taken-aback I was to read WH had semi-naked bodypainted models parading around at the 'I support women in sport awards' in Sydney.  Yes, all women. Why, why, why WH ? 

Well, the Sydney Morning Herald asked the magazine's editor and this was her reply: 

'It is disappointing that this has become the focus rather than the phenomenal sporting talents of our Australian female athletes', Felicity Harley said. 

How can she be surprised this became the focus when her whole magazine is about celebrating women as athlethes and sports-fans rather than as sexualised bodies? I understand that glamour sells, but this red carpet was already packed with lots of glamour - the women being honoured. 

It might sound superficial but female athlethes do tend to look good, all that professional elite level sport doesn't usually produce body shapes which look  bad in a fancy dress. So considering the event was going to get lots of photo-coverage anyway, was this really neccessary? 

How bad was it? This bad: 

Pic via

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Do you swim in the sea during winter?

How are you not cold? (Photo: Kevin Meredith) via The Telegraph
The seas around Ireland are not quite as cold as in this shot yet, but there's a definite nip in the water. And of course in the air afterwards when you try to get dressed but suddenly your fingers are claws and nothing pulls on properly. 

On Sunday we went swimming in an inviting-looking sea but it took only a few shaky breaths to realise it's wetsuit time. For us that is. For some of the older swimmers where we go, the water is only ever bracing or nippy never freezing. 

When I say older we're talking into their 70s, even one 81-year old who swims three or four times a week. Not a scrap of neoprene in sight. 

These people are simply inspiring. Men and women, they trot down the jetty, hang their bags off a rock, pull on a swimming-hat, and stroll into the water as if they're on a Mediterranean beach. There's no squealing or screaming, no splashing just a small business-like dip of the head under the waves and they're off.

They may not swim the long distances the triathlon-addicts who share the beach do, but they come every week rain or shine. They smile and laugh at younger folk, and are always ready to share their wisdom on jelly-fish or the tides. No question is too stupid, but they can't refrain from a gentle dig at how we dress for their beloved sea. 

Do you swim outdoors in the winter, or move inside to the lanes of a swimming pool?

Monday, October 6, 2014

What drives you to get up and train?

Katie Taylor looking to be the best female boxer in the world, and Irish rugby player Paul O'Connell looking to be the best male rugby player in the world.

Toyota have brought them together in a fascinating look behind the scenes at training in both sports and what drives them to get to the top and stay there.


Friday, October 3, 2014

In need of a Friday inspiration?

Feeling a bit lazy? If you're in need of a kick to get out and hang with Mother Nature this weekend, this video should do it.

Biking, sufing, snowboarding, skiing and ... umm street-art, it's all here. Directed by Julian Mazard, it was made for a project called 'What Girls Want'.

(do though take a moment to ponder on why the surfer's shot is set up as the start rather than any of the others.)