Monday, February 16, 2015

Holiday time

I'm taking a holiday! I know blogging lore says you have to update every day but my eyes need a break while I'm away. I'm off to my second home - Thailand. Looking forward to catching some great fights and meeting up with fighters like Sylive von Duuglus Ittu and Kelly Creegan.

See you in two weeks!

Friday, February 13, 2015

Caley Reece and International Kickboxer

Australia's Caley Reece makes the latest cover of International Kickboxer . It's only the second time a woman has cracked that, and yes she was also the first. Not quite as dramatic a front cover as a certain other woman recently, thinking of you Kim Kardashian, but a big step for women in boxing.

International Kickboxer was the first magazine I wrote for as a cub reporter in Sydney, and the 'women's pages' were my home. Back then it was a niche area in a niche sport, so it's hugely exciting to see Reece shining on the cover.

You can read more about Reece, her love of MuayThai and growing obsession with Crossfit on her Facebook page Caley Reece, Sportswoman.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Women and Sport on Twitter

Graphic: Lindsey Kellis Meredith

It's easy to complain about the lack of women's sport coverage but some women are using Twitter to fight back and make their own media-noise.

They say: 'Supporting promoting and reporting women's sport, spread the word' 

I say: Based in Ireland but with a global focus, this account brings you a Sportswoman of the Day, video links and re-tweets from sportswomen and journos.

She says: 'I want women to chase their goals; their way. I want women to be inspired by women.'

I say: Based in Perth, Australia Rowena Scott loves to bike. Great insight into the Australian scene.

She says: 'Mother, Snowboarder, Owner , dreamer, lover, fighter, wifey.'

I say:  Champion snowboarder, successful entrepreneur and inspiration even for non snow-bunnies

She says: 'Full-time news sub-editor and part-time freelance sports journalist. Tweet quirky sports snippets and pictures, and about women's sports.' 

I say:  Based in Ireland but with a global focus as well as timely updates on Irish sports.

They say: 'One of 13 IFMA Working Commissions. AIM: to promote and support Female Muaythai among IFMA National Federations. ONE WORLD, ONE MUAYTHAI.' 

I say: Global account covering ThaiBoxing/ MuayThai. Includes video updates, and fight reports. 

She says: 'Surfer. Scientist. Artist. Explorer. Co-founder , , . & ambassador, participant' 

I say: An incredible surfer but an inspiration in how she lives and fights for the environment she loves.

If you follow any other inspiring sportswomen in sport Twitter, let me know!

Friday, February 6, 2015

Your salary versus soccer players', and yes it's grim reading

I like watching soccer, male or female it's a great game. It's not one of my favourite sports but how could you knock the skill you see in the highest levels? You have to admit though, those boys earn some money. 

The BBC have created this great infographic which really knocks that message home. Users type in salary in their home currency, and the programme works out how long it would take you to earn a soccer-player's income. 

We're talking hundreds of years when compared to the top players. Conversely the top flight players would earn the equivalent of my weekly wage in less than an hour. I expected something like that but it's the graph further down the page showing the ENORMOUS gap between male and female players which is truly depressing:
  • Yaya Toure earns 221 times more than England women's captain Steph Houghton, who is reportedly on £50,000 a year.
  • Cristiano Ronaldo earns 83 times more than Alex Morgan, one of the highest-paid female footballers in the US, who is reportedly on $282,000 a year. 
  • Angel Di Maria earns 290 times more than England women's captain Steph Houghton, who is reportedly on £50,000 a year.
  • Arjen Robben earns 34 times more than Alex Morgan, one of the highest-paid female footballers in the US, who is reportedly on $282,000 a year.


Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Women's 6 Nations Championship

We're heading into the short period when women's rugby makes headlines in Europe as the 6 Nations Championship starts on Friday. 

Ireland, who won the Championship in a glorious 2013 campaign, start against Italy. The other first round fixtures are France vs Scotland on Saturday and Wales vs England on Sunday. Full list of fixtures here if you can make any, catch them on television or online.

In general on this blog I try to be unbiased, but when it comes to the national teams it's hard not to barrack for the girls in green. Lots of changes this year for them - new coach Tom Tierney takes over from Philip Doyle, Niamh Briggs as captain in place of the retired Fiona Coghlan and many new faces on the benches. 

Exciting times for all the teams really as managers look ahead to Rio2016. It's a different game there of course - rugby 7s, but in reality it will be mainly if not all players from these national squads. 

I'm a little disappointed to see the Irish home games are back in Ashbourne, Co Meath and away from Dublin again. I love going to Ashbourne, there is always a great atmophere and lots of support from the local club which hosts the games, but it would be great to have better access to crowds. 

However, that niggle aside I'm looking forward to a few weeks of high-class rugby. England dominated this tournament winning seven times, but with France taking it last year and Ireland the year before who knows what could happen for 2015?