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I live in Ireland now, working as a health journalist but sport is a huge passion as you can see here - for myself and encouraging women to find their sport! This blog is personal only, no links to where I work. 

My own inspiration comes from living in Thailand for ten years, and for most of that time being a MuayThai fighter through the late 90s/early noughties. I was lucky enough to win two WMC titles against Thai fighters, compete in Rangsit stadium, Bangkok as well as at smaller venues and festivals around the country (some of these were sooo small, we're talking ring in the car-park small!)

That's me above, also speaking here on Australia's ABC and in this National Geographic doco. *  And reflecting back here for Action81 blog

Slightly out of focus but it's me I swear and the gang from Sor Vorapins Gym

What's on this blog?

Mainly women doing combat sports like Muay Thai, boxing, and MMA. But I sometimes detour into other sports when there's a great story to tell!

And I try to reach out past Ireland too - I've lived in Asia, Australia and America and with your help I'm learning about new sports women in other continents as well.

We can spread the good news together. If you know someone who should be on this blog or you would like to be on this blog - get in touch. 


*Thanks Sylvie Von Duuglas- Ittu for uploading that clip. 

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