Friday, March 28, 2014

Listen - Act Like a Lady, Lift Like a Beast
Claire Connolly PIC RTE 
I found a great radio documentary this week on women's power-lifting. 

The blurb reads: 'At 5'2" and in the 53kg weight category, Sligo woman Clare Connolly is petite. She may be small but she is strong. She is one of six women who are being trained by former British Army fitness instructor Jay Farrant and who will travel to Glasgow to represent Ireland in the World Drug free Powerlifting Championships.' 

I can't embed the audio here, so you have click over here to the RTE Doco on One page. 

Doco was made by Declan Brennan and Nicoline Greer. 

Enjoy, and have a good weekend! 


Monday, March 24, 2014

Barlow vs Klijn at Enfusion fights in Ireland

Quick boost of some fighting female energy to get your week off to a good start! 

I was at the Enfusion fights in Dublin on Saturday night. Some great talent on show, just one women's fight but it was a cracker. 

England's Iman Barlow (delighted to finally see her live, been watching her career since she was a kid) Vs Holland's Lorena Klijn. Barlow won but it was an intriguing fight with two completely different styles going up against each other - Barlow can only be described as Classical Thai, while tbh I thought Klijn must be an MMA fighter but her bios online say Shootboxing or Kickboxing so that's me in my box then. 

Barlow's Twitter handle is @PrettyKiller and Klijn is on Facebook.

Alerted to the video thanks to a tweet from Stephen Chambers.


Monday, March 17, 2014

MuayThai - one ring, two women, 28 stitches

One of the best things about going to Thailand for boxing fans is the incredible standard of the fights there - day in, day out you just see the best. 

And on this trip I got to see two great women fighters take centre stage on the Yokkao Show in Pattaya a few weeks ago. 

American Sylvie Von Duuglas Ittu (you may remember my interview here with her) took on Thai fighter Lommanee Sor Hirun. The card was very strong with fighters like Saenchai MuayThaigym and Ekapop Sor Klinmee getting in the ring, and the women's bout definitely belonged in the mix. 

Sor Hirun is a joy to watch, strong and clean shots from legs and fists and beautiful elbows. 

Well, Von Duuglas Ittu might disagree with that assessment as she took full brunt of two powerful elbow strikes - ending the night with 28 stitches over two cuts. 

The first cut landed early in the first round, and hats off to the American for keeping going. I was wincing on my seat, trying to peer around and work out how bad it was. I had no idea. And when she came out for the second, Sor Hirun was waiting and just cut through again. 

This time the doctor pulled Von Duuglas Ittu over (as in the pic above here) and adamantly forbade her to go keep going - yes, folks he had to stop it as she bouncing up and down with that eager - I'm good, I'm good that some people get. 

Really impressive showing from both women- strength, determination, skills and sheer grit really. A definite eye-opener for many people sitting around me by the sounds of it too, so that's always good. 

On to the next for both of them, - Von Duuglas Ittu is heading back to the North of Thailand for more fights. I was delighted to catch up with her and her husband before the fights for coffee; all I can say  is the passion you see in the ring is reflected in how she thinks and lives her MuayThai life. You can follow her road to 100 fights here on 8 Limbs Us

I spoke to Sor Hirun briefly after the fight, she was excited of course but already looking forward to her next bout! She hadn't even left the stadium .... She's fighting with Yokkao Boxing now so hopefully there will be more info online with that exposure.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

How young can you start your first boxing lesson?

I've been really slack on here this month. But it was in a good cause - visiting Thailand, the home of my favourite sport of MuayThai. 

I met some great fighters, and learn a lot about the changes to Muay Thai in this new-ish century. And of course, a lot of that centres around women fighters. Unfortunately some things have not changed, and will be blogging about that as well. 

In the meantime, here's the most adorable little girl getting her first boxing lessons at Kiatphontip Gym outside Bangkok.