Monday, February 7, 2011

Are violent females in movies a good thing?

Have you seen Hanna? I saw the trailer here in Ireland at the weekend - and I'll be going. Yes, I know it's violent but isn't it about time we recognised that violence isn't a gendered thing, that everyone is capable of inflicting pain?
And more than a tad refreshing to see two main characters played by women who stay dressed for the duration (what I saw) of the film. What do think - violent female characters as a step forward or a regression?



a runners' life said...

Only portraying males as violent in films gives a distorted view. Women can be as violent as men and this has become more visible in recent years. People shouldn't be fooled into thinking that only men can do unthinkable acts, women even if they seem demure, can be brutal.

Whether it's a step forward or regression is a tough question. When it comes to equality amongst the sexes it may be a step forward but when we think about violence per se it could be perceived as regression.

niamh said...

@ A runners life - Im confused, I thought I replied to this already. As far as what you say about regression, then there isn't a doubt that removing violence from the world would, well would be idyllic but will it happen? Not a chance, so acknowledging who does it is as important as trying to stop it.

free download movies said...

Actually, woman can be as violent as men. This has become visible in recent years. They have showed that men is not only who can show his aggressive nature, woman can also. Time has been changed. Now , Woman can do every work who a man can do.

niamh said...

@ freedownload - it would be great it that wasnt the case but as you say, that seems to be the way so maybe it's better to depict it accurately?

Anonymous said...

Almost like The Bourne Series with Matt Damon. Parkour, martial arts, etc. I saw the trailer on TV yesterday.

niamh said...

Yes, the Bourne series for chicks ;)