Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Win for Ireland in 6 Nations Rugby

Claire Molloy Ireland 

It's Six Nations Rugby time again. Ireland won out against Italy in their first matches - a good win by the women of 26-5 while the men scraped a win with 13-11.

The match reports indicate that while it took some time to get going, that the second half was an inspiring one for Irish fans to see. A score like that in an away game is a really great way to start the series of matches. Next up is France at home in Meath next Friday.

You can follow the games between Ireland, England, Scotland, Wales, France and Italy here on the RBS 6 nations Rugby Women's page.


a runners' life said...

It's great that there are more women playing rugby these days. With a score like that it would have been a good game to watch.

niamh said...

Exciting stuff! We have two home games this tournament so hopefully we will make it out to at least one of the women's games - for some reason they are played out of Dublin which makes it harder to get to. Always something!