Monday, February 14, 2011

Women's rugby Six Nations

Marie Louise Reilly, Ireland pic: rsb 6 nations
UPDATE: For this year's matches and comments, click RUGBY

Nothing like cheering on three teams over a weekend and having them all lose. Ah yes, this is why individual sports are actually better - less emotional investment, fewer people to feel bad for and all-round a less traumatic experience.

So the Irish women's rugby team were edged out by France on a score of 14-12. Full-back Niamh Briggs managed to sound positive afterwards so we will see how the rest of the tournament goes. She said in an interview that:

"It showed that we can live with France who are an incredible team. We'll live and learn, we're a young squad, we're developing and we'll bring it again for the Scotland match. We need to keep improving and believing in ourselves. There’s a great spirit and we are learning all the time. I hope we can carry that on.”  Inspiring attitude but really I think the photo says it all.

And the men's team were also pipped by France, plus the men's Munster team. This blog is now returning to boxing as being a more uplifting sport for the rest of the week!

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