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If you're starting out with blogging  and want to make it grow maybe these tips I've picked up (the hard way!) over the last few years could help you out:

Making contacts and online buddies is the way to grow your blog – read, read and keep reading blogs until you find ones you like.
  • It’s a good idea to focus on smaller blogs, as it can be easier to build a personal relationship there – both with the main blogger and others commenting on her page.
  • Make sure you have a few posts on your blog before you start commenting, that way people have something to read when they follow your link back.
  • If you like taking pictures, find what’s called a ‘carousel’ or ' blog hop' where lots of bloggers come together once a week to post photos of their favourite topics. Try these ones or start your own: Wordless Wednesday and Image-in-ing.
  • Use free photo-editing sites like PicMonkey or Fotor or this latest UK-based site The Canvas Prints to have fun with your pics. You can put them in collages, create frames or add filters- just don't go overboard! 
  • Find blogs you like, and read a post from one of these blogs, and comment at the end making sure to leave a link to your blog too. You can use a site like ‘Bloglovin’ to keep links to your favourite blogs in one place. Or find their social media pages and connect that way.

getting online love from search engines

  • One good way to do this is by using the "Alt text" button for your photographs. After you upload an image, right-click on it. Choose "properties" and a box titled Alt-Text should come up. This is what the web-spiders read as they pore over websites finding ways to index them. If you use lots of photos but no Alt-text all the spiders see is blank space. Use key-words like "name of your sport" or "name of the athlete" of "the place" or "the event".
  • The other secret is not so complex - write regularly and as often as your lifestyle allows. 
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