Friday, December 30, 2016

Most popular blogposts on realgirlsport in 2016

How was your 2016? There are many tragic events to reflect upon but maybe that is why people are gravitating more and more towards inspiring sports stories. Are we looking for a ballast in a world gone mad, or looking for a spark of humanity in the mayhem?

Whatever it is you are loving women in sport more and more every year. Of course that makes cheating and doping even more devestating but it seems you are keeping the faith all the same.

Stats time: these are the posts and the sports women on this blog which you read the most in 2016:

5.  Climbing in Alaska with Ti Conkle  (an old interview but she's great I agree)

4.  Jujitsu brown belt Amanda English on BJJ and MMA and why she loves 'em

3.  Fight, retire, fight again Elaine McElligott on her Muaythai affair

2.  Jorina Barr - learning from the hard times.

1.  Fighting, singing and dancing her way to happiness - Shauna Nicole has big plans! 

Is your favourite post not here? Let me know in the comments ...

Friday, December 9, 2016

Teen muaythai champ Laura Linehan talks motivation and fighting

Laura Linehan muaythai fighter

Laura Linehan is just thirteen but she’s already helping out with teaching the junior class at her muaythai gym in Cork. She’s one of the new breed of Irish muaythai girls, competing at amateur events held in places like Waterford, Dublin and Cork.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Muaythai on the Olympics road!

Wednesdays are usually wordless posts given over just to photographs, but this week is a little bit special.