Monday, February 28, 2011

Irish women win over Scotland

This was definitely a weekend when it was better to watch the women's rugby teams in action  - from an Irish perspective that is.

While the men stuttered to a win over Scotland, the women stormed home with a 4-try victory against their Scottish opponenets. Yes, I know a win is a win but beautiful rugby is a thing to see and that's what was on show at Lasswade in Scotland. Tries came off for Lynne Cantwell, Geraldine Rea and Niamh Briggs. The Irish are now third in the Six Nations behind France and England.

(You'll have to forgive the short and late posting. We had a mini-political revolution at the election polls here in Ireland. One party, which has been in power for 61 out of the 79 years of independence, crashed out. The count goes on for some time in Ireland as we have proportional representation so every vote really counts, and re-counts and re-checks. Normal service resuming tomorrow after this blogger has some sleep.)

Geraldine Rea, Ireland

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