Friday, February 13, 2015

Caley Reece and International Kickboxer

Australia's Caley Reece makes the latest cover of International Kickboxer . It's only the second time a woman has cracked that, and yes she was also the first. Not quite as dramatic a front cover as a certain other woman recently, thinking of you Kim Kardashian, but a big step for women in boxing.

International Kickboxer was the first magazine I wrote for as a cub reporter in Sydney, and the 'women's pages' were my home. Back then it was a niche area in a niche sport, so it's hugely exciting to see Reece shining on the cover.

You can read more about Reece, her love of MuayThai and growing obsession with Crossfit on her Facebook page Caley Reece, Sportswoman.

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