Thursday, October 30, 2014

TUF getting closer to crowning a women's champion

Irish MMA fighter Aisling Daly took on American Angela Magana in the latest bout in The Ultimate Fighter last night. 

Daly was under a lot of pressure to deliver as she's less well known in the States than the other compeditors. She's publicly admitted she puts herself under more pressure than anyone else and has struggled with anxiety. Although Daly has also wryly commented on the effect of the dry Nevada heat compared to her home in Dublin (yes, it does rain that much here).

But she lived up to her promise, taking the win in the 3rd round. The Bleacher Report described it as:"a surprisingly strong performance".

That fight went out on Fox Sport which unfortunately I don't have access to - there's a limit to how many channels you can pile on to your bill before it gets ridiculous. 

The video doesn't seem to be available online yet, no doubt waiting till the full season is done. There are however some great photos here on TUF channel; a story in pictures if you like.  


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