Monday, January 31, 2011

Sports Blog Karma

Mary Kom, Indian boxer
 A monthly round-up of great sports blogs: 
This English blog is a great place to find out about technology for running and keeping fit. I can be pretty old-skool in my approach so it's great to find out what's out there, and how it can help. 
I discovered this American blog by accident, basketball not being a sport I know much about. But they have a great LINKS section with links to women blogging about all sorts of sports. This includes online magazines, blogs with training tips as well as sports like surfing, running and rugby or soccer. ISW is now listed there too, thanks! 
This Australian blog isn't just about women, but the anonymous blogger - who works in sports marketing -  does give some interesting insights into the reality of life off-the-arena. Some thought-provoking posts on women's sport and where it's going.
The website for this UK magazine runs most of the articles from old issues - interviews, profiles, training tips, nutrition tips and work-outs. It's doesn't seem to be aimed at professional athletes but the women featured in the articles train just as hard!

This UK site isn't just for women, but again features great articles on the politics of sport, helping to explain why things happen they way they do.
You can find more Sports Blog Karma here.




Joanna said...

Re basketball blogs and basketball - congrats to our own DCU Mercy who won the Women's Superleague Champ yesterday! :)

niamh said...

@ Joanna - thats great news! is that part of your In the Community or the regular team?

Joanna said...

Regular! Televised on RTE! Sorry they beat the team from Cork though... ;-)

niamh said...

Televised too, always good news! No worries re beating Cork, we can take a beating with dignity too :(

Jimmy said...

Thanks for these links. They sure are good inspiring resources.

niamh said...

Thanks Jimmy. Some great stories over on your site as well. If you ever want to write a guest-post, you're more than welcome!

Sports magazines said...

Would it be a good idea to have women sports part of video games not just men sports?

niamh said...

I don't know that much about video games, aren't there any with women's teams? Even in basketball? How strange, I wonder if they have done any reserach into the viability of using women's sports - do you work in this area?