Monday, January 3, 2011

Women's MMA Awards 2010

MMA is not a sport mentioned too often on this blog, but I have huge respect for the fighters. Being a stand-up person myself, the idea of wrestling on the ground is quite intimidating.

You can read the categories for the Women's MMA Awards 2010 here on Women Talk Sports and vote for certain people straight from there. Megumi Yamaguci from Japan is getting my top votes and a few for newcomer Julia Budd from Canada.

Do you watch MMA - how do you rate it?



a runners' life said...

I have mixed feelings about MMA. I've always been a fan of martial arts and even dabbled in some kickboxing in the past but MMA seems more brutal to me.

Maybe it's because I haven't been exposed to it as much as say Krav Maga which my partner has been practising for years, or boxing among others.

My brother started training MMA a year or so ago and when I found out he was having his first fight I was extremely worried - especially when I found out what's involved; there seems to be no rules and everyone has a mixed bag of tricks waiting to let loose.

As for women MMA fighters, well, I'm not qualified to comment. I do believe that every sportsperson requires a level of respect - the demands of training require a lot of sacrifice, particularly at a professional level.

niamh said...

Well if you can handle Krav Marga I wouldn't imagine MMA to be any harder, that seems like a very full-on form of defense to me. You're spot on though, it's all about what we are used to seeing or taking part on. Hope your brother's fight went well!