Monday, January 24, 2011

Irish surfer Easkey Britton

Easkey Britton website
With a name like 'Easkey' Ireland's top female surfer was always bound for the sea. It means fish in Irish and is shared with one of the largest waves off the west coast.
So growing up in the west of Ireland with a surf-mad family, it didn't take her long to get in the water.

Big wave surfer
Not content with claiming the Irish national title four times plus the British Universities title, she also takes on the big waves. Not just bigger than average but really big - up to six metres.  
She was the first Irish person to surf Teahupoo in Tahiti and the first woman on the infamous Aileens wave in Ireland.

And off the water, surfing is a huge influence on her art - beautiful paintings of women, fish and waves. You can see examples here on her page The Artist Inside, they're really beautiful.
This love of nature takes her far beyond surfing and art. Working on her Phd in marine science means she gets to think about maintaining the water as well as being on it. Her blog has links to environmental articles she's written recently.

And, not to forget, she was one of my Sweat and the City girls here. Inspired yet? Read more on her blog Easkey's Blog

Easkey Britton Tahiti

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niamh said...

Looking again at that photo of Easkey surfing in tropical water, think I should have mentioned how absolutely freezing the water is around the part of Ireland she is from. You need to be super-dedicated to surf up there!