Friday, January 21, 2011

Nikki Kelly Kayaker

Nikki Kelly pic
Kiwi kayaker Nikki Kelly has been on the water since she was 16 years old - chasing a hot instructor who never knew the effect he had on her.

In the last few years, she was named greatest kayaker of the 20th century by LVM, competed and won many races at the Teva Mountain Games and Ford George Games (Extreme Champion 2002) while taking part in rodeo kayaking, creeking, expedition kayaking and a little surf-kayaking. Plus more than a little raft-racing. In an interview with River Angels, she described her training routine as: "Kayak, kayak, and more kayak. Off season is gym, yoga, waka ama, mountain bike, every day as often as possible and when body allows - variety is the spice of life."

Kelly herself names the 7 Rivers expedition in California - 50 days of non-stop paddling - as the highlight of her career ... so far. 

What's the longest sports event you've taken part in?

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