Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Years Resolutions 2011

Dublin train-lines under snow

You just have to do it really, it doesn't feel right to come to the end of the year and not make hugely unrealistic plans for the New Year.

As regular readers will know, this blog started life when I was sick and hadn't worked for months. It has somehow survived returning not just to work but to college and slowly returning to health. It's become a 'happy place' to go when politics and the real world are just too much to take. And in spite of learning over the last 18 months that the best laid schemes of mice and men go oft awry, here we are again making more plans.

So in 2011, and bearing in mind your sports interest in coming to this blog, I'm hoping for:
  • Keeping back injuries at bay with clinical pilates 
  • Working on the base I've built-up to start running again 
  • Keeping respiratory illnesses at bay and getting back in the water 
  • Doing a multi-day walk in Ireland 
  • Climbing a mountain - any mountain but no roads allowed 
Wishing everyone who reads this health, happiness, honesty and love for the New Year. What about you, what do you hope for in 2011?


a runners' life said...

It’s been great reading your blog over the recent months and I look forward to reading more about women in sport and your experiences in the world of sports.
All the best with your goals for 2011, and Happy New Year.

real girl sport said...

Thanks! Have to say I have discovered heaps as well, it's a good excuse to read about sport for a change. Good luck with 2011 too!

Anonymous said...


That's a hell of a set of goals there.

To add my tuppence ha'penny, I'm going to say mine are to:

1. Get fit. Just plain and simple really!
2. Eat healthier
3. Finish book!

Also, you changed the name of your blog! I thought the original title was great - really catchy!

niamh said...

It will be interesting to see how many goals I tick off, will keep you updated. Finish book?? tell me more!
And yes changed the name. I liked "women with balls" but sadly Google likes this one - which was the original - much better!

Lisa Creech Bledsoe said...

Clearly I'm late in catching up on all my reading, not to mention having not made any resolutions for the new year. However, I have a general trajectory in mind, and have two big fight events to train for; that seems enough for now.

School!! Good on ya for getting back in the swing. And I'm so glad you're getting healthier. I LOVE the idea of some mountain climbing, too. When I vacation this summer on the Blue Ridge Parkway I plan to get plenty of hikes in -- several on the Mountains to Sea Trail here in North Carolina.

Here's to our Shiny New Year!

niamh said...

Two fights coming up? That is Exciting news, good luck with those! I just looked at some pics of that trail, it's beautiful, you're very lucky to have that on your doorstep. Here's to a healthy new year indeed!

Anonymous said...


Remember the post I made back during reading week about wanting to catch up on writing a short story? Finished said short story, realised that the ending pretty much jumped out of a boat half way through writing and tagged itself on with NOTHING really happening in the middle to justify the actions of the character.

So I started writing the middle bit. And it's 16,000 words long, making the whole thing so far about 30,000 words and it's NOWHERE near finished!

I'm actually going to post a couple of pages up as a snippet for people to read later so feel free to drop a comment!

I also have my own short story blog at if you want to take a look. Give me a text if you want the password to get into it.

niamh said...

That is not a story, that is, umm - a novella? I would love to read it, will keep an eye out for it. And yes texting you now.