Thursday, January 27, 2011

Irish runner Fionnuala Britton

Fionnula Britton (right) Belgium 2010
Cross-country running often calls up images of mud, shivering legs and rain-soaked heads. And that's just in the summer. Irishwoman Fionnula Britton was named Sports Woman of the Month for an impressive month of international racing in December.

Within a week she came second at an IAAF Cross Cup race in Belgium, and 4th in a sprint finish at the European CC Championships. The irony is that she beat people in the lesser race to come second who had earlier beaten her into fourth.

She said in an interview at the time: "“I suppose it’s a bit sweet to get some measure of revenge but it still does not make up for last Sunday. I do feel a little better now and it’s a good end to the year for me."
Only 26 in a sport where athletes often get better as they age, she ran the 6,000m in 20.37 for the Belgium race, just behind Kenyan Caroline Ken Chepkwony at 20.35.

Who would you nominate for sportswoman of the month? 


a runners' life said...

Cross country running is fun and provides a nice change of scenery. I can't believe the girl is running in mini shorts when it's snowing though - makes me feel cold just looking at the picture!

niamh said...

I felt like that too! But as I don't know too much about that style of running, I thought maybe it was normal? Did notice that the Irish woman is well wrapped up! Do you do much of it?