Monday, January 17, 2011

Anne-Flore Marxer Snowboarder

AFM by matt george

Switzerland used to be the staid land of European mythology, all cow-bells and Heidi-girls. But, leaving aside the questionable ethics of their never-tell-all banking system, Swiss snowboarders are carving out a whole new image for the country.

Anne-Flore Marxer was the snowboarder with the most coverage in 2010, yup more than all the boys too. And there's a reason for that, not only is she one of the top boarders in the continent, she's a fierce advocate for women in the sport - one of the driving forces behind equality in prize-money for men and women - and apparently one of the most fun people to have out on the slopes in your gang.

I love the intro on her blog:  "I'm euro, provocative and passionate. I live through love, spontaneity and happiness.I' m a heart core snowboarder. I smile and I bite, I crash and try harder. I ll give it all to be better,go bigger and laugh more. I support global happiness.. I ll do my  thing no matter what people think. P.S. please don’t call me Anne. Thanks"

Note the 'euro' as she's actually French/Swiss. From Rookie of the Year in 2006 to Rider of the Year in 2010, that's an inspiring journey by anyone's count. Plus she's said in interviews that hot chocolate is one of her favourite things about the snow, a woman after my own heart. Her favourite tricks on the other hand, I could never emulate: Backside rodeo 720 and Backsides 180.

AFM pic vanessa andrieux

Anne-Flore tackled sexism in prize money, what would you change in your sport? 

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