Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Time to change rugby kick-off times?

Irish scrum-half Larissa Muldoon

Well, at least one Ireland vs France rugby match took place this weekend. The Irish women's team were in action but lost out to France 8-7. 

And while a loss is heart-breaking, at least they got to finish this time. Last weekend they played Wales at home in Co Meath but the match was stopped at half-time because the ground was frozen. The match against the French was played in freezing temperatures but in the afternoon so less chance of the ground being hard.

For those of you not following the Six Nations rugby tournament, I should explain there's been a trend in recent years - for men's and women's games - to play matches at 8pm or even 9pm. It doesn't make a lot of sense in February which is the middle of our winter but we got away with in in other years.

This tournament has seen a men's match cancelled - Ireland vs France - and women's matches either called off or moved back to the afternoon.

I understand it's important to balance the access to television for all the games across the groups but maybe a little re-thinking is called for here?

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