Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Death of Kenyan rugby player

Aberdeen Skikoyi

Captain of the Kenyan women's rugby team Aberdeen Shikoyi has died as a result of injuries she received during a game last weekend.

Reports from the match against Uganda say she was hit in the spine during a tackle  - kneed - and then hurt again during a scramble for the ball just after that, some stories saying another player then stepped on her neck.

A statement from the Kenya Rugby Union said: "The KRU confirms the death of Aberdeen Shikoyi. We and the entire rugby fraternity are thankful for her service, dedication and leadership offered to the game of rugby and is saddened by her passing on. We also pay tribute to Uganda Rugby Union and the medical teams in Uganda and Kenya who ensured that she received the best medical treatment possible."

We all love rugby and other contact sports because there is that risk of danger, that edge to playing the game but it's always tragic when someone crosses that line. It can so easily happen. I know many people with almost-serious-injuries and some who have died doing what they loved, and you probably do too.


Anonymous said...

It is unfortunate when you get irresponsible journalists writing stories carelessly. The KRU is not pursuing investigations because they know that the injury to Aberdeen was an unfortunate accident. There was NO foul play whatsoever - she was NOT kneed and no one stepped on her neck. It was a case of the player she had tackled falling on her and in the process her spine was landed on so no line was crossed. It was a devastating accident but stories implying that it was not are also damaging to the player who unintentionally caused the injury.

Anonymous said...

This is such a sad story. The death of any athlete on the field is devastating -- the fact that she was a female athlete in such a relatively small community of players just adds to the sorrow.

If it proves out that she was fouled on top of any accidental component that will only add to what must otherwise be an overwhelming loss to her team, her family and her community of sister athletes.

Thanks for posting.

niamh said...

@Anon - I don't imply at all that it was deliberate, 'kneeing' someone can and usually does happen by chance during sports like rugby or any other contact sport. I know the KRU are not taking any case, the statement I quote shows quite clearly how they saddened they feel.

niamh said...

@Girlboxing - it is very sad. And in no way seems to have been deliberate - anything can happen in a rush for the ball, and it just seems an series of accidents happened each making her initial injury worse. Stepping on someone might sound awful out of context but if you watch rugby you'll see it all the time - accidentally as people go in for the ball.