Thursday, April 10, 2014

Women in Sport blog time again

Blog round-up time. I'm looking at women in MuayThai this month.

MuayThai on the Brain

Pic is Ray as the centre-fold poster pullout of Thai boxing bible Siam Weekly
Former MuayThai champion Melissa Ray decided to stay on in Bangkok after her retirement, and this blog brings her love for the city together with her passion for sport. It's a great read with posts on self-declared 'super-pimp' turned politican Chuvit Kamaolvisit mixed in with reviews of all the boxing stadiums, and fight highlights. 
Ray does go back to the UK occasionally, but reading these posts you can't see her love for Thailand disappearing anytime soon ...

Creegan on left squares up against Elaine McElligott via Irish Examiner

You might well be wondering what pandas have to do with MuayThai, or indeed why there's a big Toblerone bar on Creegan's boxing shorts but you'll have to read the blog to find out.

An Irish fighter, she moved to Thailand earlier and has been fighting, and getting to know the joys of a Thai gym one bruise at a time. Includes a great post with photos on fighting at festivals with this: "We were told the minivan was coming at 6…….2 hours later it will be here in 20 minutes……we eventually left at just before 9pm. But before that Jun came knocking to say that the promoter had no gloves for the fights!!".

Screen shot of MuayEireann homepage
This hybrid blog/news-site is giving a much-needed voice to the Irish MuayThai scene. Starting with the crushing elbow shot pictured at the top of the page you know you' re in for a treat.They cover women's MuayThai as well  - here's hoping the pic changes sometimes.

Medical advice and video interviews with some top trainers mix in with psychology. Yes, psychology. There some involved you know, it's not that easy to beat down the "flight" part of "fight or flight".

Do you know any websites or blogs looking at women's sports? Let me know, I'm happy to promote them here. 


Solmadrid Vazquez said...

I checked out those sites and really enjoyed them. Bookmarked too!

How big is the Irish Muay Thai scene? Do many Irish dream of going to Thailand to compete?

As for sites looking at women's sports, have you seen Great resource for women's combat sports. I would say glowing edge too but I see you already know about that one! haha

I have a blog as well, focused on women's MMA/Boxing/Muay Thai. It also includes articles for inspiration, productivity, and motivation. It's at

Niamh said...

@Solmadrid - thanks for those links! I did see your blog, looks great, I'll try and get in touch this week, maybe we can do something together? Would be great if you were interested in writing a guest-post here about some aspect of MMA?! :)

Solmadrid Vazquez said...

Thanks. Yes, I'd love to collaborate with you. And I'm definitely interested in writing an MMA guest post for you. I'd love to have you write a guest post for my blog as well! :)