Friday, September 22, 2017

Muaythai is attractive because it's hard says one champion

Anna at the IFMA World Championships 2017 IMAGE LordK2 for IFMA
Anna Strandberg, Swedish muaythai champion and 2016 IFMA World Champion on why she loves this crazy sport:

For women muaythai is very good in Sweden, we are a team together for 12 months of the year not just for the big tournaments.

We have good female athletes, and I can call someone anytime and ask do you want to go sparring?

Then we compete in the Swedish Championships, you really want to beat each other but we’re still friends afterwards.

Boys and girls spar together in the gyms, it’s never a problem for us. Both my main coaches are men, David and Dam; they push to compete and help me to develop. We’re more like friends than a strict training relationship.

Muaythai is attractive to me because it’s hard. Life could be difficult ahead but I feel I know how to keep going until I succeed.

This interview was first published for the #HumansofIFMA series with IFMA 

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