Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Why Just Women?

Watching men play sports is exciting, I get that - I do it too. I just think that watching women play sports is exciting too (you know I mean all of this in a non-sexual way, right?).

I get that men doing sports attract advertising which newspapers and TV stations need to survive. The thing is this means when a ten year old boy turns on the television or surfs the net, he gets instant inspiration - hundreds of role-models. When a ten year old girl wants to play sport, it's harder for her to find her thing. In Ireland (where this blog is being written) girls get steered towards 'girls' sports while their true love might be in the boxing ring or on top of a mountain. I get to interview  a lot of fabulous women athletes for my job, and I train with even more so I'd like to make a space for their ideas  - the stuff that doesn't get in the magazines for one reason or another. Personally I'm on a journey back to fitness, and while men are inspiring it's the women I really want to be.

What about you, does your inspiration come from men or women, or does it matter?

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