Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Happy International Women's Day

It's women's day here every day but in honour of the occasion here's some of the photographs you liked the best:

Stephanie Gilmore, Australia - ripcurl pic

Hurling pic Lorraine O Sullivan
Anne-Flore Marx Swiss pic matt george

Nikki Kelly NZ pic playak.com
Caley Lewis Australia pic riddlers' gym
Mary Kom India pic IABA
Are you doing anything special this week for Women's Day, March 8th 2011?


a runners' life said...

Great photos, and a great day for women to celebrated and appreciated worldwide.

niamh said...

It is a good day to stop and think about where we are going, hard to believe it's been a hundred years of this day already ... still so much to achieve (thinking outside sports now!)

Carol @ There's Always Thyme to Cook said...

Women's Day? We should have a month :) But definitely a great day.

They're all amazing shots, but I love those first two!

niamh said...

A month would be great. I think the second photo you liked got the best reaction over the last few months, I must try to find another one from that photographer.

Snowcatcher said...

That snowboarding shot is my favorite, but a great selection across the board!

niamh said...

@ Snowcatcher - that is an incredible shot, can't imagine being that talented with my own camera!