Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Surf and study in Sydney, Australia

"Wow, what an unbelievable couple of hours of surfing that was to watch.  I have never ever EVER seen female surfing performed as powerfully, stylishly and athletically as I did today." And that's from someone who knows. Champion Irish surfer Nicole Morgan is living in Sydney now and wrote that watching the Aussies at the Roxy Pro.

Nicole Morgan, pic newquarysurfer.org
Morgan is from Bundoran on the west coast of Ireland, home to many other Irish surfers including Easkey Britton.  She has an impresive CV: twice UK Pro Tour Champ, three times Irish Champ, 13th at the 2008 World Surfing Games, 7th at the 2009 European Surfing Championships and (of course) Irish Surf Team member 1999-2010. Nominated for Sports Woman of the Year, she's now studying Pharmacy down under.

Nicole Morgan pic Diverse Surf

It's so easy to get distracted researching sports like this - hours can zap by looking at pictures of waves and warm beaches. I like this one above though, a little bit different.

But you gotta have the big wave shot too. Morgan keeps a blog at Irish Nicole Morgan if you'd like to follow her.

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