Friday, January 13, 2012

Fighting time in Thailand

One of the stranger things about taking part in a sport like Thai Boxing is that non-Thais are always seen as the outsiders - and no matter how big the sport grows, there's always an Us against Them attitude. So of course promoters milk this for all it's worth.

I've interviewed Australian fighter Caley Reece a few times now for this blog - last time here - as her career continues. She's sent on a link to a great fight she had recently in Thailand, part of the Elite Boxing Thailand Vs Challengers series. For anyone who hasn't seen many fights, this is a great introduction.  Commentated by Rob Cox, owner of Kiatphontip Gym in Bangkok it's a learning experience as well as being an exciting bout. And nice to hear a shout-out to my old employers the World MuayThai Council for their progressive work in promoting women's fighting.

Thailand is represented by Ayadet Sor Sawaddee. And yes, that's Caley's husband Darren 'The Riddler' Reece in her corner.

Unfortunately the video is not downloadable so you have click over to the Elite Boxing Channel here to Ayadet Sor Aawaddee vs Caley Reece.

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