Friday, April 19, 2013

Surfer Easkey Britton Needs Your Help!

Remember last year when Irish surfer Easkey Britton went to Iran and surfed, starring in a documentary? Well, she's going back and this time she's the one making the film - working with a group of Iranian school-girls who're learning to surf. 

We forget sometimes how great sport is for sharing. Who needs a long lecture on equal rights when you can just get in the water and show people. 

So this is my contribution to a plea from Britton for help in sponsoring her film.* 

She said: "Waves of Freedom is a follow-up documentary film project in Iran promoting gender equity and freedom of expression through surfing in Iran with local women and girls. The shoot is scheduled for this September with director Marion Poizeau.

"We are currently trying to raise support for production costs. Every little helps and if you can't give then help spread the word! "

It sounds like a lot of fun but fun that could change those girls' lives - if you're reading this, you understand the joy sports brings to anyone.

So, please spare a dime, pop over to Waves of Freedom on Indigogo and support a great film.  

Poizeau is the same director who filmed Britton's own trip to Iran last year, I posted about that here.

*I'll give money too but this is fun to do. 


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